The Formakami Lamp by Jaime Hayon

formakami lamp

Designed by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, the Formakami lamp has been created to combine the beauty of traditional Asian lanterns with modern aesthetics. The lamp can be hung in a group or individually and is made of delicate materials including black lacquered ashwood and rice paper. Its elegant shape and the airy bulbous shapes sublimate the interior, creating an ambiance of serenity and intimacy. It is also easy to hang. It requires two E27 maximum 60W bulbs and comes in three different sizes.

The Formakami table lamp is a modern take on the ancient paper lanterns of Asia. It is made of ivory-coloured and white rice paper and features black lacquered ashwood accents. It can be used as a floor lamp or a table lamp. Its sleek design and the fact that it is handmade makes it all the more special. It also blends Asian and Scandinavian design elements, giving it a sense of magic.

The Formakami lamp is designed by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, who is a master of blurring art and design. He collaborated with the Danish design company &tradition to produce this innovative lighting fixture. His goal was to create a lamp that would be able to illuminate widely and comfort the soul. He has also incorporated the history of lanterns, which have been a popular symbol of hope in the darkness. In fact, his design of the ‘Formakami’ lamp is a homage to ancient lanterns from Asi, as it incorporates an open bottom design to maximize the light.

In addition to the ‘Formakami’ lamp, there are two other pendant lights that were also designed by the Spanish artist. The JH3 and the JH5 lamps are made from black stained oak and ivory coloured rice paper, respectively. Each is a modern take on a classic Asian lantern, and they each provide ample illumination for people to enjoy. The JH5 lamp is a replica of a traditional Asian lantern, and it can be placed in a room as a dining table lamp or a lamp to hang on the wall. The JH3 lamp is also a replica of a traditional Asian lantern, but it is a more refined version.

The ‘Formakami’ table lamp is made from ivory-coloured and white rice paper and has black lacquered ashwood accents. The lamp is small and delicate, but it is also a powerful decorative piece. It is available in three different sizes and can be hung individually or in a group. It has an adjustable cable, so you can hang it in a variety of positions. The lamp is also lightweight, so it can be easily moved from place to place. It is a great decorative piece for a living room, bedroom, or any other space that needs a bit of extra light.

The ‘Formakami’ pendant lamp is a clever light that uses a combination of round and bulbous shapes to illuminate a room. It is a modern take on a classic Japanese lantern, and it is also a symbol of hope in the dark. It was designed by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon to reflect the principles of &tradition, and it uses the same techniques that have been used to make paper lanterns for centuries in Asian cultures.