Different Types of Photography


When you first start taking pictures, you’ll want to get a few essentials. These items include a dedicated camera bag, a fast memory card, and spare batteries. You’ll also need a cleaning kit to keep your lenses and camera in good shape. In addition to these basics, you’ll want to buy a digital camera with a large sensor, as well as a couple of extra lenses and a tripod.


Daguerreotype photography is a type of photographic process invented by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre. He was a French artist and photographer who is now recognized for creating the process. As a result, he is known as the father of photography. However, the process of Daguerreotype photography was not the first one.

The process was initially confusing. The final steps of the process involved the use of mercury vapour and a solution of sodium thiosulphate. The thiosulphate solution is added to the daguerreotype to prevent light sensitivity. The photo develops in ten to fifteen minutes. The daguerreotype is then mounted in a decorative frame or leather-bound case.


The process of making a calotype image was based on the same principle as the process of making a negative photo. The process involves the use of a piece of paper and a silver iodide solution. This silver iodide creates a light-sensitive chemical reaction in the paper. The resulting image is then developed in a camera.

A calotype negative began as a piece of writing paper and was treated with silver nitrate to create a dark and light-sensitive layer of silver iodide. A second layer of silver nitrate was then applied to the paper’s surface. The image was then exposed for a few seconds under a glass plate, resulting in a negative image.

Color photography

Color photography uses different types of colors to make pictures. Unlike traditional black and white photography, it uses color filters and emulsion to create a full-color positive image. However, the colors are not as bright as in traditional black and white photography, and they often have a hand-colored quality. Until the invention of digital cameras and the Eastman Kodak Company, this method of color photography was the main method of making color photographs.

Color photography started in the early nineteenth century, when James Clerk Maxwell invented the process. He suggested that photographs could be recorded using three different filters, one for each of the three primary colors. These filters must be matched to create a full color image.

Recreational photography

If you love taking photos in the great outdoors, you should consider pursuing a career in Recreational Photography. This popular training program is available online and offers convenient learning materials. Its compact learning pack is ideal for busy professionals or enthusiastic amateurs. It is also affordable and offers 24/7 customer and tutor support. Moreover, it offers IAO and CPD QS accreditation, which ensures professional development.

Recreational photography requires different skills and approaches. Firstly, you should be able to take excellent pictures of people and places. Secondly, you must know how to compose your shots properly. When capturing a moment, focus on details that make the picture more interesting. For example, instead of focusing on the person in the foreground, try to emphasize the objects in the background that balance the shot.

Art photography

There are many different types of art photography, including photojournalism, documentary, and news photography. Although these photographers often have amazing talent, they are not considered to be working in high-art photography. These types of pictures are intended to chronicle or tell a narrative, rather than represent the artist’s creative vision.

The key distinction between photojournalism and fine art photography lies in the style. Photojournalism involves capturing scenes through digital technology, while fine art photography is an entirely different approach. In contrast, fine art photography is based on an artist’s vision, expressing the artist’s feelings and revealing their vision.